High End Furniture - European Style Oak Furniture including Dining Room Furniture and Coffee Tables

Stacaro is one of Canada’s most prestigious high end furniture stores and currently offers its large selection of quality furnishings online to consumers. Whether you require dining room furniture, coffee tables, tv stands or any other type of European or oak furniture, Stacaro can provide you with a wide selection of fittings that will appeal to your needs, even on a reasonable budget considering the durability and excellence of each respective product. You may be trying to add a more classical or antique-style look to your home or place of work, whereby you require certain fixtures that fit within a specific theme. Look no further, you have found the online furniture store of your dreams. Transform your location into more than just a place - make it an experience with European furniture by Stacaro, your online furniture store. After all, when buying furniture, you are making a long-term investment in your own comfort and your luxurious surrounding environment.

European furniture - to garnish your home

We established our European Furniture shop years ago and invested the majority of our time developing and expanding our product line to include:

  • dining room tables (round, square, rectangular, table wells)
  • chairs, armchairs, stools and benches
  • sideboards
  • cabinets and bookcases
  • sofas, armchairs, sectionals and ottomans
  • small coffee tables and tv units
  • desks
  • dressers and beds
  • console tables and side tables

In addition, Stacaro offers a variety of other exotic European furniture products, which can be found on its website. On top of impeccable customer service, whether online or in our retails stores, our pictures and showrooms treat the eye to a selection of beautiful and innovative designs. You are welcome to checkout one of our many showrooms, displaying glamorous European style furniture, located in Canadian cities including Montreal, Dorval, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vaughan. Our selection of high end European furniture varies in its design, offering you a more unique and distinguished look than other homes across Canada and the Unites States. Although simplistic and more modern contemporary pieces have become quite trendy, antique furniture will help you achieve a more distinguished look. Antique European furniture has become quite popular, especially items from Britain and France during the 18th century. Decorative chairs, small tables, cabinets and chests of drawers are in-demand. Furnishings can appear new or worn to achieve a more rustic appearance. A great deal of our furniture is inspired by ancient trends in Germany, Italy, Sweden and Turkey.

Oak Furniture - for a more natural space

If you are interested in the history or aesthetics of classical artwork, museums, exploring different eras, or other such history-based themes, you may also share an interest in oak furniture and antique furnishings. For an elegant theme reminiscent of the Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic and Rococo periods, choose from amongst some of the finest oak furniture available on the market. Despite its antiquated concept, such equipment can offer your home or office a stylish but traditional result, ensuring that your surroundings are fitting to your taste. Many individuals feel more at ease when surrounded by furniture that has been crafted from the best oak available on the market. For an exclusive flair in your home or workplace, prepare your place with class and true taste that brings to life thousands of years of historical and geographical flavor. Add a punch of color to your place with a collection of stunning wood furniture, made with top timber collected from lumber mills and benefit your surroundings will look slightly different each and every day. Whether you are seeking red oak or other types of hardwood, we carry a diversity of materials that will satisfy your needs. You may desire a type of domestic wood including Ash, Quarter Sawn Oak or Walnut. Regardless, we can provide you with light-weight and durable oak furniture.

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